Rack Mount Hinge

Rack Mount Drawer Flip LCD Monitor

  • Rugged 1U/2U high rack mount flip-up or flip-down LCD monitors
    • Mounted on solid-bearing slides for ease of deployment and storage
  • 15" to 20" display sizes
    • High brightness and NVIS compatible available
    • High resolution and wide format available
  • Intuitive, front-accessible user controls
  • Primary markets served are military, industrial and special purpose commercial applications
    • Private labeling available
  • Pair with an optional rack mount keyboard to achieve optimal ergonomics

The unique design of the Rack Mount Hinge yields an ultra-low profile enclosure of one vertical rack unit (1U = 1.75") when stowed (2U = 3.50" for the 20" model). 

When deployed, the monitor pivots up or down 90° (factory configured) for operation and extends only about 4 to 6 inches from the rack chassis. This increases operator workspace, which is especially important in space-constrained environments. Additionally, the display can easily be located at eye level within your 19" RETMA rack to optimize ergonomics.


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