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Barracuda Marine-Grade Waterproof LCD Monitor

Industrial Grade & Military Compliant

  • Submersible enclosures (IP67 rated)
    • Rugged, lightweight, adaptable, aluminum
    • Panel mount, rack mount, VESA mount, standalone
    • Ideal for use in any outdoor application
  • Marine-grade powder coat paint
  • Many standard display sizes and resolutions from 6.5" to 24.0"—ask about other sizes
  • Sealed connectors (industrial or military grade)
  • Sealed GORE® vent ensures proper internal re-pressurization
  • Multiple options available, including:
    • Programmable Backlight/Thermal Controllers provide optimal brightness/temperature conditions
    • Wide selection of LCD overlays, such as touch screens, EMI/RFI protection, contrast enhancement, display heaters
    • Value-add LED backlights supporting sunlight readability and/or NVIS (MIL-STD-3009)
    • Specialized or custom controllers, electronics, firmware and/or enclosures
    • Many more options and accessories available

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